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What can you gift someone who has everything?

In today's day and age, the most valuable thing that you can give is your time and memories.

Is there an easy way to do that? 

Kagaz presents a unique collection of personalized gifting ideas/items for people looking for gifts that go beyond conventional ideas.

Read through the page and take your pick.


Give us a call if you have something other than this. We would love to curate something unique for you.

A diary to capture your day, your thoughts, and your ideas in one place is perfect but is it enough. 

If we are one of a kind, the articles that we use should be customized for us. 


A range of customized A5 size journals(30 plain ivory sheets, bound together, to help you get in the habit of journaling)


A set of 25 prompt cards to make a meaningful gift for someone you love

  1. Open the box  

  2. Write your answers to the prompts

  3. Re-pack the box 

  4. Gift it to the person you love


It's that simple.

This box will have your treasured moments preserved forever.

Call us to know more.


To convert stories into wall arts, we introduced "Cartography by Kagaz Ke Phool" to the world.


A wall art - that could tell a story - of - a location - a place - a restaurant - a drive - something that your cherish -subtly - in a map - on your wall - for your home

It would be the best surprise ever. 

contact us

Namit Maheshwari

A-2/158, First Floor, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi


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