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Writers and Designers of Personal Biographies

Started with the idea of preserving family stories, Kagaz ke Phool specialises in creating personal biographies and memoirs.  It could be the story of your grandfather or father, an anniversary gift to your spouse, or simply preserving your family story..
We believe that every story is worth preserving.

Give us a chance to preserve your life’s journey through a priceless book for generations to come.

"Connecting people through preserving stories"

Past Projects

We have made books on multiple themes like a Family Biography, business story, a father’s story and more.

A few books of which are listed below.

But, we at Kagaz are always open to new ideas.

So, if you have a certain vision for your book, we would love to create something unique for you.

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Father's story

This project was for RK. The book is written from his son's perspective, touching all the special moments between father and son. To be gifted on his 70th birthday, this gift left RK in tears.

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Family Biography

Family Biography of AKM, the book encapsulates the story of the Karta of the family. Beginning from the roots of the family in Rajasthan in 1920, the story covers the family struggles for survival and towards glory. A book that the present generation of AKM treats as their Bible.

cover for website-01.jpg

Game of Air

Business Biography

The business biography of Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, a well established businessmen in manufacturing industrial compressors, sits like a lifetime award in his book cabinet. Narrated in the voice of Mr. Agarwal, the biography was gifted to all business associates and family on the company's 30th Anniversary

Kagaz Team

A small group of people with a common belief - we're nothing, but our stories

We are here to preserve these infinite stories for families and for their future generations.

How do we do it

Step 1

Simply talk to us. Narrate your story over a coffee catch up. Take us through the memory lane with you. We use these conversations as inputs from you for the book through event timelines and  customised questionnaires conducted by our expert interviewers and personal historians. 


Step 2
Writing & Designing

After we’ve concluded the interviews and get all required content from you, we begin drafting the book. The work begins with time-lining the data points, creating a plot to make it an interesting read. We create a design concept for the book on elements crucial to the story.


Step 3
Printing & Delivery

Once the approval of the final draft, designs, and cover page is received by our team, the book is sent for printing. A beautiful hardcover novel filled with your priceless memories will be delivered to your doorstep in a beautiful hardwood casing.

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Contact Us

Namit Maheshwari

A-2/158, First Floor, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi


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Privacy policy: All rights are reserved by Kagaz ke Phool

 Terms and condition:These are the Terms & Conditions under which Kagaz ke Phool provides you, whether you are the Customer, a Storyteller or a Contributor, with the Goods and Services. Following your order confirmation or your participation in the process, you will be deemed to have accepted them. Before beginning a project, we will share a detailed document with you. 

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