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Welcome to the Kagaz Library

Here are some sample reads from a few of our clients' books. Click on the book cover to read

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Faith, Family and Fortitude

In this personal biography of Balbir Bedi explore the extraordinary a fearless leader who crossed borders at a young age. Rising from humble beginnings, he forged a remarkable career with honesty, integrity, and patience. Welcome to BEDI's world, where resilience and integrity define a remarkable journey.

The Ashes that Made the Tree Bloom

Discover the inspiring journey of the Sharda family—a testament to resilience, adaptation, and success in the vibrant town of Jharkhand, India. Follow their path from overcoming challenges to building a thriving business legacy. Written in both English and Hindi



Tells the inspiring story of Usha, the matriarch of the Jain family. Through resilience and love, she navigates family challenges, forging strong bonds with her children and earning the respect of everyone around her. This biography captures her journey of courage, strength, and unwavering dedication to her family.

"Preserving our past is our gift to the future."

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