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Biography Writing Workshops

Unleash the power of storytelling with your brand

At Kagaz ke Phool, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. That's why we're excited to offer specialized Biography Writing Workshops that not only teach the art of crafting compelling biographies but also integrate the unique story of your brand when you collaborate with us. Whether you’re an individual business or an organisation, our workshops are designed to inspire and equip your guests with the your brand's story and learn story writing.


What to expect in a Workshop


Introduction to Biography writing

Understand the significance of biography writing and engage in hands-on activities and exercises that help you understand the nuances of writing a compelling biography


Integrating Your Brand Story

Our team develops content and exercises that reflect your brand’s journey, ensuring participants can relate the learning to a real-life narrative.During the workshop, we present your brand’s story as a case study, demonstrating how to apply biography writing techniques to a corporate narrative.


Practical Writing Exercises

Our team guides the group to a small writing session. We help them with connecting the techniques they have learnt in the session. They complete the writeup in a workbook especially created by Kagaz ke phool for the workshop

Our Brand Collaborations

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