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5 Steps to write a biography

5 Steps to write a biography

A biography is a way to preserve the past for the future. We would be inventing the wheel again and again if the stories and lives of people who were here before us were not preserved.

Writing over 70 biographies at Kagaz ke Phool, we have tried to consolidate our learnings in 5 points for you to follow if you want to write a biography.

Step 1: Research

Research thoroughly about the person/protagonist. Do not limit yourself to his story, but looking political and economic aspects of the times when he was taking decisions. You set the scope of the story. The more detailed the better.

Step 2: Make a time-line

Chronologically write all the events that happened in the life of the protagonist. This will give you a clear picture of the gaps in the story.

Step 3: Fill the gaps

To fill the gaps in the timeline, you will have to research again. Either talk to more people or read old articles or find out if any family member can help with that information. Once you feel that you have enough data to connect one end of the thread to the other, only then move ahead.

Step 4: Visualize the story

You need to put on the director's hat, like they do it in the movies. Now you have the story - you need to visualize it like a movie. The story should begin with a dilemma and end with a climax. Pick the major 2 points in the timeline and connect them using flashbacks or flashforwards.

Step 5:Narrate the events

Once you are ready with the images in your head, all you have to do it to narrate them part by part. Make sure you are touching the important points in the scene that you had visualized - mentioning a coffee mug could be more important than mentioning the clothes of a protagonist while describing a scene.

Pro Tip - Do get fresh eyes to look at your draft. As most writers say, you don't have a book in your first draft, you have to edit it out from your first draft.

All the best. Let us know your thoughts about the blog in the comment section.

Team Kagaz

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