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A Message in a "Kagaz" - Collecting Blessings and Memories

If we were to ask you, “Do you get the chance to meet and attend each and every guest invited to your own wedding ?” the answer in most cases would most likely be a NO and naturally so. Amidst all the rituals, events and (mostly) photographs one doesn’t get much time to spend time with everyone at the wedding.

This particular piece that you’ll be reading today is a bit of a personal story. Nonetheless, a Kagaz story. Talking about weddings, when the time came to plan my own wedding I didn’t know where and how to start. A hundred variables and even more discussions and deliberations.

But, there was one thing I had always wanted - A way to have all the guests share their blessings and good wishes for us, as we entered this new phase of Life. A way we could preserve them and cherish them for times to come.

While I wasn’t exactly sure how we’d do this, I knew I wanted to make this happen. My fiance and I brainstormed quite a few ideas and after multiple iterations and rejections, we finally narrowed it down to these open-ended postcards for guests to pen down their feelings and wishes. A postcard with a message from them on our wedding. But of course, free flow writing doesn’t come naturally to all so we added some writing prompts as a guide to help them write.

Front face of the post card

From sharing their fond memories, experiences to imparting words of wisdom for us on this new journey. We were trying something new. But again, that’s what we want to be doing everyday at Kagaz.

Ideate and Create.

It’s even better when these have a personal touch or sentiment attached to them. Receiving the love and blessings of our elders, friends and family through these cards have been a humbling and an emotional experience for me. We have their beautiful anecdotes, fond memories beautifully penned down. Even though we couldn’t personally meet some of them during the wedding, reading those messages was so heartwarming!

Back face of the card

If you want to make your special occasions all the more memorable and aren’t afraid to try unique ways to do so, get in touch with us today!

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