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On a quest for a unique Rakhi gift...

POV: From the eyes of a sister who found us!

Every year, Rakhi is one of those events I eagerly wait for. Surely, for the “paison ka lifafa” from my brother but more importantly, it is one of those few occasions we get to celebrate together because of living & working in two different cities across the country.

This year, I wanted to do a little extra and special for Rakhi by giving him something unique, & different. Just a few months ago, I stumbled upon an interesting looking Instagram post from this brand called Kagaz ke phool (a fascinating name, I thought!) for some Rakhi gifting options. I found it to be quite aesthetically pleasing, and instinctively just quickly saved the post and moved on with my day.

With Rakhi just a week away, and me now panicking to find a thoughtful gift, I suddenly got reminded about that post. I hurriedly went to my saved posts list and on scrolling found it there! A sigh of relief. (I vaguely remember even patting my back for my genius-like memory!)

I quickly went onto the post, navigated my way through their website and as I browsed through their collection, Samvaad Cards immediately caught my attention. These cards are not your typical theme cards; they are a unique blend of creativity, nostalgia, and emotions. Each card carries a thoughtful prompt or question that serves as a catalyst for sharing memories and experiences. I immediately knew I’d found the gift! I placed the order and now, it was time to eagerly wait for the package to arrive.

Aesthetically packed, textured brown paper beautifully enclosed in a wooden box came with a personalised note and instructions to use these cards. All very thoughtfully and well- explained. It was sheer joy to experience the unboxing of 25 unique cards with a prompt. I still remember how it captivated all my senses. As I sat to fill out all the prompts, it took me back to the memory lane, rekindling our childhood memories and bringing smiles.

Samvaad Cards taking me back the memory lane

On the D-Day, post all the Rakhi ceremonies, rituals, and mithais were done, it was now time to exchange gifts. I was so excited to see my brother’s reaction to the prompts. As he held the box, a blend of confusion and excitement filled his face. He gave the box a quick jerk while listening to it close to his ears. Still unsure what it could be, I said “nahi bata payega, toh bas kholke dekh le.” He opened the box and took a long look at the cards and gave a thorough read. After a pause, he looked at me and asked “Yeh kahan se mile tujhe?! Gazab hai yeh toh. Bohot bohot shukriya behna!”

That entire evening while having chai in the balcony, we went through each card and it took us back on a nostalgia - a journey that truly embodies the spirit of Rakshabandhan. From being each other's partners in crime to confidants, we’ve come a long way and through Samvaad, we were able to encapsulate this whole journey. Thank you Kagaz for making this Rakhi, a lil’ extra special.

A loving sister.

A Kagaz testimonial by Surabhi Sharma.

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