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Samvaad Cards - 25 memories for your loved one

Samvaad Cards -  Gifting Priceless Memories

"Connecting people through preserving stories"

The mission statement of Kagaz ke Phool was written on a wall behind me when I took this call. Her inquiry was interesting.

She wanted to give a personalized gift to her sibling. Since she did not have enough content for a biography/novel, I responded with my standard reply, "maybe you could get a personalized diary for him. Our specialization is in writing novels, I think that would not suit you in the current situations." 

"It might not", she said. "Thanks for calling us", I said. And the phone clicked. 

After finishing the call I got up to stretch. My eyes found my mission statement-connecting people through preserving stories.

It got me thinking. I wanted something new. Some dots were being connected to each other. I started scribbling on paper.

Moments---memories---small memories---between 2 people---gift---personalized gift.

Ahhhh it's all the same. 

That night, during a random Pinterest search, I landed upon a designer deck of playing cards. They were made by an Iranian artist. Fantastic imagination, I thought to myself. One could be innovative with playing cards also. Cards. A deck of cards.

And suddenly I realized the 2 main dots were connected in my head. 

A deck of cards-filled with memories-between 2 people-a personalized gift.

And that is how the idea of Samvaad Cards was born. 

As the name suggests, Samvaad is a conversation between two people. Mostly the silent conversation. The cards will have prompts written on them.

You open the box, write answers to the prompts, repack the box-gift it to the person you love.

So we called up the client and told her the whole story. She was delighted with the idea. 

Next was finding the right prompts for the cards. With some trial and error and a few inputs from the client, we were able to finalize 25 intimate prompts. 

We designed the cards, the box, found a pen that works the best with the cards and we were there. 

In a matter of 2 weeks, we had a unique gift idea with us. 

Samvaad Card Box for your loved ones.

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